The American Dream still exists and Manready Mercantile is proof! Starting in late 2012 out of a small apartment in Houston, Travis Weaver began by making soy candles in reusable whiskey glasses and went door-to-door to businesses selling them at wholesale. On the weekends, he hit flea markets in order to sell direct to consumers and continued to add other small batch apothecary items to create a collection of all-natural products. He created a website from his phone and picked up other small brands in order to develop a curated marketplace at Word of his endeavors traveled fast and his story gained international attention. Quickly running out of space and in need of a formal outlet, Manready Mercantile is now operated out of a 3,500 sq ft brick and mortar in Houston, TX and stocks over 140 different brands. They have a full flagship line of goods carried in over 100 other retail account around the world. Travis’s vision was to show the world that you don’t have to come from money or ask for a handout to change your stars. You’ve gotta work hard, work smart, be honest, and support your community. If you take the right steps and push through it all, greatness can happen! Folks, the American Dream is alive and flourishing, you just gotta go for it! As our friends at Manready Mercantile say, Work Hard, Live Well.